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To have the best probability of starting anything, there needs to be a reason to do it. A want or a need. Something compelling that will drive you towards your goal. The momentum will get you started and keep you going. 

After all, why bother otherwise?

The aim of this post is to help you identify that need or want that’s personal and specific to you, and therefore help to focus your mind on what you will get from organising any aspect of your home or life.

Why are you getting organised?


There are 2 main sections for this post to concentrate on –

  • Firstly we will tackle your needs – these are life events that almost force you to change how you are currently doing things – a perfect chance to start the organising process. These needs are REACTIVE reasons – you are reacting to what you are having to deal with.
  • Then we will look at the reasons why you want to get organised – these are things that don’t come from outside influences, but are the ones which will make your life better in some way. These wants are PROACTIVE – you want to change something.

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Needs are different for everyone, as we all live differently and have different items and lives to run in our homes.

Needs also change, and therefore even the most organised of homes and people will require updates from time to time to keep up with those changes.

Look at the needs list below and see if any apply to you – if they do then you really have a clear and specific reason to get organising now!

There’s nothing like a life change to make you want to do things better (sort of like your own new year – with its resolutions!)

  • New baby – setting up a nursery, routines put in place for day to day life, purchases and budgeting for the new addition, paperwork updates, maternity leave sorting etc…
  • New home – Organising the move, setting up new dentist/doctors, organising the new home, purchasing and redecorating, selling the old house, paperwork changes, setting up new systems in the house
  • Working from home – Managing your time, balancing your time, juggling family and work, setting up systems, filing, paperwork, setting up office space
  • Children moving out of home – New uses for their rooms, dealing with the changes to your routine, what to do with your extra time and energy
  • Retirement – Making the most of your time, setting goals and priorities, starting new ventures
  • New hobbies – Organising space required, time management, budgeting, deciding on what to do
  • Extended family living with you – organising the space in your home to ensure everyone has their own, ensuring systems and routines fit with everyone, setting expectations, creating time for all the different relationships in the house.

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    • Above all – organising is great for your well being as it can reduce stress and anxiety. You can easily find what you need when you need it, and your home and family run smoothly giving you more time for what you really want to do.



    • The obvious cost of being disorganised is the expense of it. Organising can help you save money, which in the long run can help with the family budget. You will not only gain more time but also more cash that you can spend on what you really want / need to. Some ways that you are wasting money due to being disorganised are as follows – any sound like you?
      • Buying and item again as you can’t find the original
      • Paying late fees on bills / library books etc…
      • Going into your overdraft and getting charged
      • Buying food that is wasted as you don’t have a shopping list or meal planner
      • Losing out on not using vouchers and money off deals as they are not to hand when you need them
      • Wasting petrol on several trips out when you could organise them into one
      • Neglecting things – teeth, car, health – checkups may cost, but the cost of something going wrong if things aren’t checked is much higher (and so is the time taken – an appointment for a checkup can be made at a convenient time for you rather than an emergency appointment through pain or breakdown etc…)
      • Tax – Why pay more tax than necessary due to lost receipts – you need to be able to claim all you can. Also you will have to pay fees if your self assessment is late or inaccurate etc..
    • If you can, write down an amount you have spent over the past month / year on each of these items, as putting a figure on this is a really powerful reminder of what you could be saving and therefore spending on other, nicer things.



    • Just as this is a reason for procrastination, it is also a very powerful reason to get organised. You will simply have more time once you spend time getting organised.
      • Wasting time searching for lost items each day – a few minutes here and there really builds up – 5 minutess a day is over 30 hours a year – almost a full working week! Imagine what you could do with that time
      • Time is our most precious commodity. Use it wisely. Spending time getting organised will pay dividends in the future.



    • Distractions are often caused by being disorganised. Having systems in place for both work and at home is crucial to not letting distractions get the better of you. The best of TO DO lists won’t be achieved if you are constantly firefighting and trying to work out what is best to do next. Having some organisation in place will help you focus on the job in hand, and therefore get more done with your day. How many times have you had some time and spent half that time wondering what would be the most beneficial way to spend it!



    • Getting organised in the home and at work will help you to become more productive, and therefore show your employer how key you are to the business. If you can organise your day so that you avoid distractions as much as possible, don’t go to meetings that aren’t crucial to your work, minimise downtime etc.. you will be amazed at how your work improves. It will also help you if you work for yourself as you will do more and therefore have the ability to earn more and progress more quickly. Can you really afford NOT to be organised at work?



    • Yes – believe it or not organisation can be the key to achieving these goals as well. You will have a better diet as your meals will be planned out so you are less likely to eat the wrong things, you will create more time to exercise, and can plan out goals in order to get there as effectively as possible.



    • Are you always late for meetings with people? Do you often double book and let people down at the last minute? Can your children rely on you to be there on time for after school activities, or even the school run? If you are constantly racing against the clock then organising your day and your time management will alleviate the unnecessary stress you are causing yourself and others. People notice when you are more organised, as you become more confident and reliable.
    • As a result of being disorganised you may find yourself being invited to things less and less, and therefore be missing out on a lot of opportunities. You may also hurt your friends and family unintentionally, by making them feel you do not appreciate them as much as you do.
    • Getting organised will help you develop a reputation to be proud of – and you will ultimately be able to fit more into your day, so will be able to organise meeting up with people more!


  • I WANT TO…

    • I have added a non specific reason here – as getting organised will mean different things to different people. Personally I wanted to get organised because I wanted to be more in control of my life and what I could achieve – I wanted to be happier. Think about what you specifically mean when you say you want to get organised, and this will help you to not only focus your mind, but also give you a starting point as to what needs organising most in your life (i.e. if you want to be able to invite people into your home when they drop by, you will want to prioritise organising your hallway, kitchen and maybe a living room first – starting with a bedroom would be pointless as you won’t feel fulfilled in what you actually want to achieve) Some ideas are as follows:-
      • I want to be able to find an outfit in my wardrobe when i need it
      • I want to be able to find any important paperwork within a few seconds of looking
      • I want to be on time for everything
      • I want my children to get good habits from me
      • I want more time for my hobbies
      • I want to have quality family / couple / me time
      • I want to be able to find things in my house when I need them


 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Why are you getting organised? Whats the difference between wants and needs? find out more here!Hopefully you will see that a lot of these reasons really help to clarify what needs organising in your life.

We are usually better in some areas than others (i.e. someone who is very organised at work may let everything slide at home), and so focusing on whats important to you is key.

Getting organised doesn’t necessarily mean changing everything about how you live.

It may be one simple thing that needs changing, one new habit to start that will make all the difference. See where your organising takes you!


What’s your reason for getting more organised? I’d love to know so why not let me know in the comments below…

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  • Hannah Komatsu

    I need to get organised because I feel like my home is shrinking as I bring more and more stuff into it! I also can’t find the things I want. I struggle to know how to find homes for them and decide which stuff I need to keep and which I don’t. I think I will feel more relaxed if I don’t have so much disorganisation and clutter!

    • Hi Hannah – thats totally the time to get organised – as you really will notice a difference to how you feel straight away. Good luck with everything and keep in touch to let me know how it all goes x

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