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Which diary to buy for 2014? – My Top 5

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Buying a Diary is something that you need to tackle if you want to be organised throughout the year – but there are so many diaries to choose from, so where do you start?!

best diary choices for 2014 from organisemyhouse.comI have done some diary shopping (its a hard life!) and have picked my favourite 6 diaries to hopefully make your diary choice for 2014 that little bit easier.

So, lets get on with it….






Diary #1 – Best Mini Diary

Moleskine A7 diary and notes – week to view

moleskine a7 diaryThe Moleskine **range is always a good one to look at when picking your diary.

I love this mini one (A7 in size) as it feels great, looks great (available in a variety of colours, my personal favourite is the purple shown in the picture here), and would easily fit into any handbag so you can get out and about without leaving it behind.

It also has a small pocket at the back of the diary which would be useful to add in business cards, receipts or even a credit card if you are travelling light!

Yes, its very small, so you do have to be careful about writing clearly – but its a great option if you simply want to keep an overview of whats going on day to day.

Where to buy:-

Moleskine website direct **

Also available at John Lewis ** and other stationers



Diary #2 – Best Family Diary

“Mums Office Handbag 2014 Diary **” week to view – and the “Mums Office The Big Desk Diary 2014 **”

mums office desk diaryhanbag diary mums office diaryinside the mums office handbag diary

I love these diaries- trust me, once you’ve seen and touched them you will want them (and thats me talking, the filofax addict!)

Why are they so good?

Both feel like mini home files – having loads of sections for all that important information. They are hardback which makes writing on the go so much easier, and they look and feel great.

What I particularly like is that they have a week to view – but the left hand side is for you, and the right hand side is for all your family – so you have columns similar to how you find a wall planner for the family. If you don’t need a column for each person in the family you could use one for meal planning, one for TO DOs etc…… – SO good!

The large one would be great to keep in the house so everyone could see whats going on at a glance – and the smaller one is perfect for on the go.

Where to buy?

John Lewis ** has them in stock, and you can also buy direct from



Diary #3 – Best Spiral Bound Diary

I particularly like diaries when they have a spiral binding – as its so much easier to write in them when you can lay them flat. They also stay open much more easily which is great when you have your diary in the kitchen/office etc… as you can leave it open at the right page. For that reason I wanted to find what I think is the best spiral bound diary for 2014.

PLEASE NOTE – you can also get a slim life book which would be a great size for handbags or if you simply prefer a smaller diary.

Organised Mum Life Book 2014 **

Organised Mum Life Book 2014

A great diary / planner which actually started in August 2013 and goes through the whole of 2014 – but as its spiral bound you can always rip out the pages of the diary that you’ve missed – its worth it!

Its week to view, and each week has detachable strips on it – one side for a TO DO list, and the other for shopping – basically you can keep your shopping list secure until its time to go and do it – then just tear it off.

Theres also space for meal planning, and lots of extras including monthly planners, to dos and budgeting space.

Extra bonuses that are not common in this type of diary are that you get a completely separate but very skinny address book which is great as you can grab that when needed, and theres a load of stickers in the back that you can use to mark events etc….

It is quite a heavy book (you get lots in it!) – but as with the previous diaries – would work really well if kept at home most of the time.

Where to buy?

Amazon ** has them in stock – and you can buy direct from, or John Lewis**.



Diary #4 – Best Fun Diary

Diaries can be boring – they are full of things to do, places to be, and appointments to make. So why not make it a little more fun!

DODO Pad 2014 **

dodo pad 2014The DODO pad ** is quite simply the complete opposite of boring – noone could call it dull!

Theres something to look at and read on every page which makes it more interesting than your average diary.

Theres also a week grid to plan things out, and loads of blank space for notes – so its practical as well as fun.

Where to buy?

John Lewis ** and DODO pad online




Diary #5 – Best multi-format choice Diary

Filofax ** of course!

filofax - best diary for 2014 post from organisemyhouse.comYes yes, not a surprise for most of you who read this blog regularly – I do love a filofax ** – but theres so many reasons that it could provide you with the perfect diary.

  • Many sizes so you can find one to suit
  • Various diaries available – week to view, day to a page etc….
  • You can buy planners, note paper etc… so you can really make it what you want – rather than buying pages you really don’t need
  • Its spiral bound so will lay flat when you want to leave it open at todays date
  • You can use it as your full planner and organiser – so its not just a diary.

Where to buy?

You can get filofaxs from loads of places, including Amazon **Staples, and direct from filofax **


Which will you choose as your diary for 2014?

best diary for 2014 from organisemyhouse.comI hope this has given you some inspiration for your diary choice – and that you get one that really works well for you and your needs.

Me? I will be sticking to my faithful filofax, I love the fact that I can simply change out the diary and all the rest of my notes stays the same, so it saves me time and energy in not having to write things out again – and I love it when I find things that save time ;o)

Let me know in the comments below what you are using for your diary next year – I’d love to hear about it…..



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  • Elaine Willis

    I am trying the Plannerism planner this year. It is a bound book which I prefer and Laurie has wonderful ideas for its use on her blog.

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