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Whats The Best Way To Clean A Room?

14. Whats the Best Way to Clean Your Home We all have a home somewhere, and that home always needs cleaning, but whats the best way to get the rooms in your home clean quickly and efficiently?

If you follow the tips below then you could cut your cleaning time down, and know for certain that its all been done when you leave a room – and feel happier in the process.

This method works when you have a blitz session in a specific room, or if you want to really deep clean a room when you have the time to do so – However – you could do the tasks split over the week, in the same order as shown, and that would ensure that things all got covered.

It all depends on the time you have available really.

I advise deep cleaning a room or space in your home at least once a month – that way you will get round the whole house each year on top of your usual cleaning (and it will work like a spring clean over the year).

That way you won’t get too overwhelmed, and can fit it into your schedule relatively easily.

Get into the right mindset

Cleaning can be seen as a very hum drum way to spend your time – but getting motivated and creating a buzz around the jobs will end up helping you to get things done quickly.

Try challenging yourself to do it in a specific time frame (I used to spend hours cleaning and then started to race my previous time, which made me much more streamlined, and gave me back some time to do what I wanted instead! – coffee and magazine anyone?!)

Basically the cleaning HAS to be done – so you may as well enjoy it as much as you can, and get it done as quickly as you can (while doing a great job of course!)

Get your energy levels going

To get started, its no good if you are feeling low and have no energy – if you have more energy then you will whizz around the room and get it done so much faster – a huge bonus!

Put on your favourite songs (with a strong beat works well as it will energise you the best), have a dance around, make it into a workout as well – it needn’t be a hassle to clean.

Be proud of your home and enjoy the feeling of a clean and tidy space that works for you.

Let the fresh air in

Whatever time of year it is, its worth opening the windows and allowing fresh air into the room while you are cleaning it.

This will make everywhere feel fresher, and give it a new lease of life!

If its dark outside then try and open the window for a while the following day just to let everything get a fresh blast of air.

Its also a great way to circulate the air and allow any damp air out of the house rather than creating condensation and mould in the space.

If its night time then turn on all the lights, and if its daytime then pull back the window treatments to allow as much natural light in as possible – you need to see exactly what you’re doing!

Prepare the room!

Once you can see what you are doing and are energised, then its worth taking away the items that need to be washed / cleaned – so that they aren’t in the way when you start the cleaning.

For example, in a bedroom its worth taking sheets of the bed and letting that air, in living spaces take any rugs outside and shake them, and generally ensure there are no dirty fabrics/soft furnishings anywhere.

Declutter the visible

Its common sense – you don’t want to have to clean things that don’t belong there!

Theres nothing worse than having to move loads of stuff to polish or hoover – and that takes more time and hassle (and is also a great reason for not having too many things out on display).

Get rid of washing into the laundry bin, take sheets off beds, do a declutter of anything that doesn’t belong in that room (leave by the door for now so you don’t get distracted), take the bins out etc..

Put things away that belong in the room and make sure nothing is out on surfaces that doesn’t need to be.

Declutter the invisible

By this I mean look inside everything you have in the room thats used for storage. Any baskets, cupboards, shelves etc…. and make sure that whats in them should be there.

These are the places that get forgotten all too easily and end up crammed full of stuff that falls out every time you open the door.

Again with anything that doesn’t belong in the room, leave by the door to that room to deal with when you’ve finished.

Tidy everything up and clean inside (wipe down), then put it all back neatly.

Scan the room for flaws

Anything that needs fixing in whatever way needs to be looked at next, as its not going to look good in your finished room.

Look around for obvious broken items, stains that need to be treated, do lightbulbs need changing, batteries added to remote controls etc…

Once you have tackled the main issues of the room, its now time for the cleaning!

Always work from the top down

Once everything is in the right place for that room, then you want to start thinking about cleaning properly. Everything you can now see needs to be cleaned, but it doesn’t have to be a daunting task at all – just work methodically around the room from top to bottom.

Working from the top down ensures that any dust that falls will fall to the floor and the lower surfaces and will be cleaned up as you work your way down – if you start to clean from the floor up then you will simply have dust settle on the floor and have to do it all over again – its about making everything efficient.

Dust, Polish and Wipe

Use a long handled duster to get rid of cobwebs and dust from the ceiling and top corners of the room.

Clean all light fittings (including the bulbs as these get dusty very quickly and you’ll be surprised at how much brighter the room is once you’ve finished)

If you have picture rails, cornicing and coving, curtain poles etc.. then hoover or dust around all of these to pick up any dust that has settled.

Clean the inside of all windows, and any mirrors and pictures you have on the walls.

Any shelves or furniture that has stuff on it you need to take the stuff off first, clean thoroughly, clean the items as well, and then put them back (remember to make them look nice when you put them back as then that jobs done too!)

Work around the room concentrating on furniture, window sills etc… all the way down to skirting boards. Include any picture frames you have on show, and lamp bases etc….

TIP – I find using a damp cloth picks up the dust much better than a polish and duster – I have even been known to use an old (clean!) sock as this fits onto your hand really easily, and when slightly damp can pick up all the dust and grime really quickly and easily.

Vacuum / Mop

Vacuum from top to bottom as well – if you prefer you can vacuum the dust up as well before adding a final polish to surfaces.

Vacuum under sofa cushions and vacuum mattresses, and move ALL furniture out of its normal place (as long as its safe to do so of course) and vacuum behind it, as theres always so much dust its crazy!

Finish by vacuuming the floor.

If its a hard floor then this will take up the bits of dust and dirt and then you would need to mop afterwards to get sparkly clean, if its a carpeted floor then it will finish it off.

TIP – start from one side of the door and work around the room, ending back at the door – that way you don’t have to walk over the newly cleaned floor – which is a great benefit when its just been mopped!

Finish off with a flair!

Now everything should be sparkling clean ad looking neat and tidy – so simply add some air freshener to the room and walk away knowing you’ve done a good job!

I personally like Febreeze as this adds a lovely smell to the room and also takes away any unpleasant smells – I also use their fabric freshener on sofas, curtains etc… for a really clean finish.

Tackle the outsiders

So – you can walk out of the room knowing that its clean from top to bottom and all the hidden areas have also been tackled.

Job done – well – nearly!

Remember the stuff that you took out of the room at the start? You now just need to tackle these items.
Take the items and put them back into the correct room, take them to charity, or throw them away – dependant on what they are and what condition they are in.

By the time you have tackled each room in your home there should be less and less out of place, and hopefully this step will become obscelete once you have taken up the habit of having a quick tidy round each day (this is reason enough for me to have a walk around the house each night and check that everythings in its place).


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  • Message from a reader (they asked me to place it here for them – thank you for your feedback!)

    Hi Chrissy, I joined your site last year & look forward to receiving emails & facebook posts.
    I live in Melbourne , Australia .
    I started my own cleaning & declutter business 6 months ago, and I am really enjoying it. I have done decluttering on 2 houses. Getting started was challenging for the client, but the end results are fantastic. Almost all of my work is cleaning houses, & from there the occassional declutter or reorganising a room happens, in consultation with the client.
    My cleaning clients would be half weekly, half fortnightly. I really find that after the initial clean, the weekly ones are really about maintaining as well as rotating big jobs like cleaning ovens, rangehoods & glass cabinets. With The fortnightly jobs, some of them are like starting again. But I enjoy a challenge and love admiring the end result, its personally very satisfying.
    Here is the process I use:
    1. Squirt toilets with cleaner & let it run into the bowl
    2. Remove spider webbs, wipe down benchtops, tables, ‘de crumb’ the toaster
    3. Empty bins
    4. Dust
    5. Vaccuum entire house
    6. Clean bathrooms-showers, vanities, baths, toilets
    7. Mop
    All of the houses I clean have 2 bathrooms and at least 2 toilets. I have tried doing things in different order but have narrowed it down to this version being the most successful. Of course, you always need to be adaptable when doing jobs for other people or for when things crop up.

  • William Storm

    very good post, i certainly love this website, keep on it

  • Ruth Jellings

    For a natural air freshener I use a small plastic bottle from Superdrug fill with 30mls cold tap water and add 10 drops Tea Tree oil and 10 drops Citronella oil. Shake well and spray the room. It’s particularly nice in the bathroom—there’s no chemical clash.

    • I’m going to have to try that Ruth! – Thanks for the tip

  • Evelyn Kelly

    My home has become a place of clutterd things that I want to clean and I need some inspiring tips that could help me in this situation. I want to make my home clean and organize. I found your tips helpful and I will keep in mind all the tips you have told. Thanks for giving me this inspiration.

  • Cathy Bonham

    I have a small notebook & pen in my cleaning caddy to note anything down that I notice in rooms e.g. repairs/replacements needed, things to buy, jobs to do next time etc

    • Brilliant tip – thanks for adding Cathy! (would love to add this as a reader tip in it’s own post if you would be happy for me to? – I would simply say it was from Cathy)….

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