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Ways to create a motivational atmosphere in your home. Motivation ideas

3 ways to create a motivational atmosphere in your home

Wanting to do something and actually getting the motivation to get it done are very different things. You may have the longing to get your home sorted (more organised, rooms decorated etc…) but the key to actually getting up and doing it is to have the drive to get you started. That’s where motivation comes […]

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How to stay motivated when you have started something

How can I stay motivated?

Motivation works in different ways for different people Some people are motivated enough just by starting something, to want to see it to its conclusion. Some people get a renewed energy when they start to see the results of their organising. When an area is really organised they get great satisfaction out of it and […]

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how far have you come - progress tracking for organising

Do you know how far you’ve come?

Its all very well and good getting busy and becoming more organised, but if you don’t stop every once in a while to actually see how far you’ve come, then you may be doing yourself a dis-service. The consequences of not tracking your progress could be that you simply get a little demotivated and stop […]

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Getting Motivated - from

How To Get Motivated To Get Things Done….

Following on from a previous post about “Why Being Busy is your most productive you”, a reader recently asked me the following question:- Its true that when you are busy you long for days when you can finally have the space and freedom to tackle that never ending TO DO list – but when that […]

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motivational quotes - top 10

Top 10 Motivational Quotes

We all have times where our motivational to do things wanes, and it can be frustrating to say the least. I often find that reading something that can help boost my motivation and make me think in a positive way can really help me to get going again, and as such I wanted to share […]

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