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Sharing household chores - ways to make ijobs around the house more balanced and evenly allocated - via

How to S.H.A.R.E household chores

We all fall foul of taking on too much at times, and nothing says this more than when it comes to the household chores. More often than not, unless you have systems in place to share the load a little, it can all come down to you – and that’s not fun for anyone. This […]

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Daily organising tasks - week 9 - from

Daily Organising Tasks – Week #9

We have reached week 9 of this series – well done if you are sticking with it – and welcome if you’ve just discovered it! Getting just one extra thing done each week day can really help to life your sense of happiness in your home and your life in general. Things can feel overwhelming […]

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“A Lifetime of Chores” – makes you think!

When you’re busy with your housework, and generally living your life, do you ever stop and think how much time you spend on different tasks? I have been sent this fantastic infographic which is packed full of interesting and thought provoking facts and figures – take a look and see what you think…

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