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8 habits to create and maintain a clutter free life


No matter what we do about clutter, it keeps returning – but it doesn’t have to be that way at all. Here are my top 8 habits to start today that will make all the difference to being able to keep a clutter free home each and every day…

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52 habits to change your life - starting right now!


The belief I have with all organising is that it boils down to adding new, good habits to your day to day life. Alongside great systems and routines, habits are key to becoming and STAYING organised. Habits will become part of your life without you even thinking about them. They will give your more time […]

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21 habits to make home life that much easier - which do you do?

21 simple habits to make home life easier

I am always looking for ways to spend less time on the everyday mundane chores around the house – so I can gain more time for things that I really care about and want to do. You know the type of chores – endless scrubbing, washing, wiping, folding, tidying, dusting, polishing, shining, cleaning etc…… ARRGGHH!!! […]

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