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30 day clutter blitz - declutter challenge to help you take back control of your home.


A brand new month long challenge that I’ve created to help you to get the motivation and momentum you need to declutter your home, a little at a time. It’s designed to help make your decluttering fun and achievable, so that you can see the benefits as quickly as possible – so if you’re ready […]

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Lots of people, myself included at times, start to declutter a space in our home with all good intentions. We want to create a space that only has what we need in it, one that works for us, and one that looks great as well. However, more often than not, there are things that we […]

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40 items to declutter during lent - can you do all 40?!

40 items to declutter from life during Lent

As its the first day of Lent today I thought it appropriate to write a post about something that could be achieved during these 40 days before Easter. 40 days is a good length of time to get something done, and decluttering was the obvious choice – as its a slant on the usual option […]

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What are the advantages of decluttering - via

What are the advantages of decluttering?

The main advantage of decluttering is that it makes your environment less busy so you can find and use those things that matter to you, without having to work around the rest. But have you ever thought about the other advantages of decluttering? What do you actually get from clearing the clutter from your home, […]

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how to successfully declutter anything - step by step guide


Its important to identify where you are going to tackle when you set out to declutter – as the scope can change as you go, and overwhelm can easily set in. If you have a very cluttered space, then consider starting small with a drawer or a cupboard first so you can see progress and […]

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5 reasons that you need to let go of the guilt you feel when you declutter

Decluttering guilt – 5 reasons to let it go!

William Morris famously said “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” but how many of us actually adhere to this, very sensible rule? Not many! We all have items in our house that we feel we should / we need / we ought to […]

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