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I really can’t wait to show you around my little corner of the web…  OMH is the place to come for loads of inspiration and tips to make your home and life just how you want them to be – as simply as possible.

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Herb Garden Before and After rosemary picture

Organising my herb garden!

I’m no gardener. I’d like to be, but historically plants have had a tendency to die within days of being in my house. Probably due to them not being prioritised really – watering plants was way down on my priorities, even though having greenery in the house really puts a smile on my face. The […]

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How to stay motivated when you have started something


Motivation works in different ways for different people Some people are motivated enough just by starting something, to want to see it to its conclusion. Some people get a renewed energy when they start to see the results of their organising. When an area is really organised they get great satisfaction out of it and […]

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great ways to use post it notes

7 Great ways to use Post It Notes

Post it notes – they really are one of my most used office supplies! Whether its for work, or in the home, they can be found everywhere, and its not just because they are so handy, or that they can stick to things so you don’t lose them – its because they really can transform […]

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Filofax review - Finsbury Raspberry A4

Why I love my Filofax – a review

I don’t think if you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time you will be shocked to hear the title of this post! I really am a little in love with my Filofax, and with most stationary if I am being honest (its a hobby of mine to find the best there is […]

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making goals from plans

How long term plans become short term goals

When you drew up your 5 year plan, you were basically writing down your high level goals. Great news! But the next step is to actually make these plans become reality – and thats where some careful planning comes into play. You now need to schedule in the time to get the steps done that […]

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Using post it notes to get organised

How post it notes can help to keep you organised

This sort of visual reminder really works for some people, as it makes each task very prominent, and often they will be small tasks that can be done in a few minutes – and what a lovely feeling to be able to take the post it note down after doing the job. Its the next […]

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the 6 list and how it can help you

What is “The 6 List” and how can it help you?

Nearly 100 years ago, a man called Charles Schwab (a steel company president) asked Ivy Lees (a well known efficiency expert) for his time management techniques. Ivy Lees said Schwab only had to pay him after 3 months of using his technique, and only what he thought it was worth. After 3 months, and in […]

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Highlighting vs crossing out

Why highlighting beats crossing out….

When you accomplish something on your TO DO list, or in your diary – do you cross it out? So did I. And I’m not saying thats wrong – in fact people find it very pleasing to cross out their list as they do it – as they feel they are progressing – but I […]

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