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I really can’t wait to show you around my little corner of the web…  OMH is the place to come for loads of inspiration and tips to make your home and life just how you want them to be – as simply as possible.

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my top 50 christmas organising tips

My Top 50 Christmas Organising Tips

Last year I wrote a post with my Top 10 tips to get more organised at Christmas – but this year I wanted to go a few steps further and give you a round up of all the Christmas Tips I could put my hands on – some from me and some from around the […]

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Reader question on Organise My House - Advice and Tips to get organised

** READER QUESTION ** Help, theres so much to do…

Thanks so much for getting in touch, its good to hear from you , and I’m so sorry that you are feeling this way about your home. I think it may be a mix of a couple of reasons – overwhelm and procrastination. When your home feels out of control its really hard to decide […]

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washing and drying clothes - heated towel rail review

A cure for knickers on the radiator!

I don’t know about you – but drying washing is a real bug bear of mine – or at least it used to be. Its not really an issue in the spring and summer when you can (fingers crossed) hang it all outside and by the end of the day bring it all in, dry […]

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declutter and make your space work for you

Make your space work for you – declutter!

Is your home too small? Do you constantly despair at the amount of stuff you have? Is it bursting out of every cupboard you have? You’re not alone. Homes can very easily feel too small – leaving owners assuming that the answer is to move to a larger home – one that will fit everything […]

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yak shaving or distraction

Are you shaving your Yak, or just getting distracted?

Have you ever heard of the phrase “shaving your yak”? I know I hadn’t until a few years back, when I was introduced to the concept via Seth Godins blog post on the subject when at work. It has stayed with me all this time, as its such a funny phrase, but because of this […]

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Your reason for saving time

What is your Why?

Do you worry you don’t get enough done each day? that life is passing you by because you are busier and busier? Are you always trying to find ways to get more done in less time but never feeling you are getting anywhere? You aren’t alone. But do you ever stop and ask yourself why […]

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Have you eaten your frog today

Have you eaten your frog today?

Have I got your attention! Thought so…. I came across this theory from Brian Tracey a while ago and thought it was about time I shared it with you, as its so relevant to getting on with things, getting organised, and minimising procrastination – the bug bear of so many of us.

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herbs and spices AFTER organising

Storing Spices – Before and After

One of the projects I set myself over the summer was to work out a better way to store and access the spices in my cupboard. Seems like a nice to have rather than an essential, but for me its a massive time sapper – as we use spices and herbs at least once every […]

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