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Do you set new years resolutions every year? Do you manage to stick to them? Do you like the idea of setting new years resolutions, or do you think they are a waste of time?

Well – today I wanted to talk a little about resolutions, and my fail-proof way of thinking about them so that you set yourself up to succeed rather than fail.

Want to know the secret? Let’s get on with it then….!


The fail proof way of setting new year resolutions



The start of a brand new year.

So deliciously fresh and new and waiting for you to make your mark on it….

Surely the new year is the time that brings with it the most motivation to get things done and stick to it?

Christmas and all of it’s excesses are over, and now is the most logical time in many peoples eyes to start a new you, a new life, or a new hobby.

It’s the time to get fit and healthy, and become exactly who you want to be….. it’s a clean slate and anything’s possible…..right?

Well, I do think of this time of year in this way, but am also very keen not to set myself up for failure – as so many of us do by letting resolutions fall by the wayside once the daily grind sets back in again…..


The New Year brings with it high expectations, and it’s a long way to fall when life gets in the way….


Most of us will have set a resolution at least once in our lives, and most of us have subsequently failed in keeping to it. This is largely due to going back to our usual lives, getting stuck into being busy again, and finding that weeks have gone by and we haven’t done a thing about what we wanted to change…



As with most things in life that work, the answer really is simple.

Resolutions are basically things that you want to change in life, and your life is made up of your habits.

Your day runs as it does because of habits that are ingrained in you – whether you realise it or not.

You don’t think about most of them because you just do them each and every day (cleaning teeth, showering, eating…).

So – it stands to reason that if you change your habits to accommodate your resolutions – then you will succeed!

You can’t just set a resolution and magically expect it to happen – you have to allow for the change to happen – and that involves a little prep from you I’m afraid!



Give yourself time – you need to start small and build on things to really make changes that last – so allow yourself that time for things to happen.

Time will help you work out how you will do the things that you really want to do, alongside the daily stuff you have to do.


Making time for changes is key to making the changes work – and last.




If you don’t change your daily routines and habits, then where will you find the time to achieve your resolutions?

The key is to start small and make little changes to what you currently do that will get the ball rolling for permanent change.


If you want to lose weight this year, then start simply by changing the habits that you currently have that are directly related to why you are heavier than you want to be. Currently have a daily latte? Switch to having an Americano instead and save calories while still keeping the habit you have of a coffee treat.

Or, if you want to get fit this year – then start by getting up 5 minutes earlier each day and fitting in a few stretches to get your body used to moving more.

Simple changes to your normal day will ensure that your resolutions are more likely to happen.




In the past you have probably set resolutions that have been large changes in your life, and they fail usually because they demand too much change straight away – and that is scary and daunting – and overwhelm easily leads to us doing nothing at all.

Resolutions are just promises to yourself – and promises unfortunately are all too easy to break.

However, habits are embedded into our very being, and are therefore so much harder to break once they are there.

So – I’d like you to think about what you want to change in the New year and by all means set yourself that goal and make that resolution – BUT make a plan as to how you will achieve it by changing the habits you currently have,



Take a look at what you do each day and resolve to change one little thing at a time.

Wait until that change has become habit, and move on to changing another, and another – until you can look round and your resolution has been made.

Almost without you trying!

And that’s the way that your resolutions this year will be achieved…

If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got



New years resolutions. How to make resolutions that last - rather than fail. Learn the easy and failproof way of succeeding this year.So – what are your new years resolutions this year? (CLICK HERE for 101 ideas for resolutions you can choose from!)

What habits are you currently doing that can change, one by one, to get you there easily?

Write a list of these down – pick one – and get started!

This time next year you will look back and see massive change that has come about easily, because you have changed things fundamentally for yourself. It works – and I am excited for you to see what happens!

If you’re stuck for ideas on what habits you can change, then why not take a look at my post on 52 habits to change your life for inspiration – and also let me know your resolution in the comments below – good luck and I hope you have a very successful year and that your new years resolutions succeed!


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  • Rashid Rashidov


    I basically will try to change two of my habits:

    1. I will get more organized
    2. I will read more

    Actually, those are the resolutions 🙂 As it is written in another one of your articles, goals are better than resolutions. So, I decided to transfer my resolutions into goals and here is what I came up with:

    1. Every night set 3 tasks to be completed the next day.
    2. Every day, read 10 pages of a book.


    • Chrissy Halton

      Hello Rashid – that sounds fantastic – and your goals are very easy to track and complete each day, so congratulations, and I really hope it all goes well for you – let me know how you go!

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