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June 2012 Organised!

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June – this year its a time for two bank holidays, the diamond jubilee, warm days, and the start of summer!.

This month is a great time for socialising – from Barbeques to days spent outdoors with friends and family – what could be better!

I love the longest day which falls on the 21st June. It evokes a real feel good factor that the sun is out for the longest time – it makes you feel that you have more time in the day to get things done – and then theres still time to relax when its light!

Theres nothing nicer than being woken up by the sun feeling refreshed – being energised enough to get loads done, and then sitting outside at the end of the day enjoying the evening sun. Lets just hope that the gorgeous weather will continue from May! we’ve been a bit spoilt so far with temperatures up to 30 in some parts of the UK!

And don’t forget we have 2 bank holidays – a wonderful 4 day weekend where we can really relax and get ready for the summer – and just think, even if you spend 2 days doing chores that weekend you still have another 2 days – a full weekend in time – to spend enjoying yourself! I know I’ll be trying to get the most out of the days – what about you? (Tell me about your plans at

Make this month really count for you…..

June 2012 Diary Printout

Here is a print out diary which I use – works well as theres space for reminders, TO DOs and a diary with times in so you can see at a glance where you have free time (if any!)


June 2012 Monthly Checklist

Also there is a handy checklist to get you in the habits of setting monthly goals, creating new habits, and basically being your backup for a more organised start to the month (I suggest printing it out and working through at the end of the previous month so that you are ready to go).

JUNE 2012

Other things to look at in June

  • Summer has really started now – have you booked your holidays and days out yet? A handy hint is to check out some local hotels websites, they usually have local attractions on them and you’ll be surprised at how many you may not have been to as yet!
  • Organise a BBQ with friends you haven’t seen for a while
  • Make the most of the sun and try and have at least 10 mins to yourself in it every day – make sure you have applied suncream first though!

  • If you work for yourself, ensure that you have worked out your working days over the school holidays – have you arranged for childcare as yet? Can you postpone some clients until September?
  • Make the most of the warmer nights and days by trying some outdoor sports – tennis, bodyboarding, even just walking will all be fantastic at this time of year! It will also help you to stay in shape if you change your fitness routines at least every 6 weeks.
  • LOVE the idea of a proper afternoon tea to celebrate the Jubilee – Emma Bridgewater have a fantastic array of memorabilia items that will be a great memory of the day – and this afternoon tea selection would work perfectly! Enjoy
  • Diamond jubilee


  • Eat more salads and fruit – at this time of year its so easy – and quick to prepare gorgeous meals. A favourite with myself and my hubby is a salad with marinated meat – you can have such a variety that you could eat every evening meal like this! What about Cajun Chicken with Green Salad, Minted Lamb Steaks with couscous and roasted veg, or Salmon with spinach salad – I can go on but its actually dinner time when I’m writing this so I’ve been inspired and my tummys rumbling! Kitchen here I come…….


If you have any questions or comments please reply below and we’ll get back to you always. As ever, we love to hear from you!.

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