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Does your TO DO list drive you mad? Do you work through as much as you can each day, only to find that you have added on as many as you have taken off – if not more? – You are not alone, and this post can help you tackle your TO DO list in 5 easy steps so you can take back control once and for all.

How to get your TO DO list under control and get things done - a simple 5 step process to tackle your never ending TO DO list

TO DO lists are always made with the best of intentions.

We want to get more organised and write everything down – but that’s the problem!

  • Do you have at least one TO DO list on the go right now?
  • Is it accurate and up to date?
  • Is it daunting?

Your TO DO list can end up being an amalgamation of everything that you need to do in your life – which can look frightening when all written down, if not totally impossible – and that’s where the issues arises.

If your TO DO list is too daunting, you will shy away from it at all costs, and end up not tackling anything. Worse still – after a while you will ignore some or all of the items on it as you really don’t want to do them anyway.

This has a totally draining effect on you every time you think about it or look at it, and who wants that?

When a TO DO list is done the right way, it can be of massive help to you. Most importantly of all it can ease the stress of having to remember what you need to do at any given time.

So – grab your TO DO list, or lists, and work you way through these steps (I’ve gone through an example of my own TO DO list to help as well) – you may just feel lighter and able to tackle anything afterwards!

I have a free printable TO DO list available HERE if you fancy grabbing a copy!

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My TO DO list – an example

I want to add in an example of a TO DO list here – so that we can work through it together and you can really see what I am talking about! so here goes (and bear in mind its only very loosely related to my own TO DOs, I wanted to ensure that there is a specific example for each step so you can see how things work clearly)

cluttered TO DO list


How to get your TO DO list under control and get things done - a simple 5 step process to tackle your never ending TO DO list



So, you’ve got your list, I’ve got mine – but where do you start!

All will be revealed …

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