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Recipes are addictive.

There, I’ve said it!

Whether you are watching cooking programmes on TV that make everything look so easy, reading cookbooks full of gorgeous looking dishes, or you have just tried something amazing at a friends house – you immediately want to have the recipe and make it yourself.

It’s the height of aspiration – and I’m all for trying recipes, really I am – it’s just that all too often we can’t grab the recipe we want when we need it, or (worse still!) we can’t even remember that we had the recipe at all!

We end up spending hours collecting a pile of recipes that are disorganised, only to find that we can’t grab what we need easily – so they become pretty much useless – and that’s no good.

It has to end – so here are my top tips to help you do just that – enjoy!

simple tips to organise your recipes once and for all



Just as two diaries are never a good idea because of the increased risk of double booking and/or missing something – any system that you set up in your home should be failsafe.

This means that you should always decide on a system that suits you – and make this as easy to use as possible.

Whether you decide to use digital (Evernote, Pinterest, Word document etc…), or paper (Recipe file, Index cards, Recipe books etc…) – you should make sure that this system is right for you and how you prefer to work.

I prefer paper (as I usually do – I’m old fashioned at heart!) – a recipe file is something that I can touch and feel – and I simply use an A4 folder to collect together all the recipes I love. They are in one place and easy to grab when I need them.

TIP – If you use paper, then consider adding plastic pockets to a file, that way your recipes will stay clean and are wipeable which can be important in the kitchen!

You may prefer digital because you can access it anywhere and it won’t get damaged or lost if you have a fire or flood etc…



Easy and quick tips and advice to help you organise your recipes. Create a recipe file / recipe book - digital or paper - do what works for you


So – you have now decided on how you will store the recipes you want to keep – but how do you store them in a way that you can find them easily?

Read on to find out….

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    Great advice Chrissy!

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