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Your ultimate home cleaning routine

I have another great infographic to share with you today, and it’s all about cleaning – something which we all tend to shy away from if at all possible!

The ultimate home cleaning routine infographic

My aim is to help you to get your home clean enough for you – with as little stress as possible – and the best way to achieve this is definitely by sorting out a routine that is do-able.

As such I have written a post a while back on how to create your own cleaning schedule – but when I was sent this infographic I had to share as it may help you make decisions on what to do, when.

As always, these things are guides, as schedules and routines should be personal to you to ensure they work well. Everyone, and every home is different and has different needs – but getting inspiration can’t do any harm, right!


Courtesy of: Heiton Buckley


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I think the main thing I take away from this is to split tasks up into how often they need doing – as this can help you to create a much more manageable routine.

When you look at all the jobs you have to do around your home, is can be overwhelming to say the least, and having things to do at different times of the week/month/year can make things a lot more digestible.

I would add an extra tip to this, which would be the one thing that will create a much easier routine for you – and that is to balance each week/month/year in terms of what you do and when.

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Let me explain….

If we take the infographic as a guide – there are 9 monthly tasks and 13 seasonal tasks to do.

If I were writing my routine based on these, then I would look at doing 2-3 monthly tasks each week, and about 4 seasonal tasks each month (which means 1 a week!).

That way I am splitting the load evenly so I don’t overwhelm any particular time of year, and I know that everything will be done as often as I want it to be, even if it’s not right now.

TIP – ensure that you schedule the right tasks for the right time of year i.e. reorganising the wardrobe would be best done when the seasons change, whereas filing can be done at any point in a season and so can fill a gap.

Basically – splitting the load can help you not to get over stressed about the task of managing your home – and you can always be sure that things are being taken care of, even if you aren’t doing them right now.

Your home will stay clean enough at all times – and there will be much less of a need for a blitz.


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Inspiration and ideas for tasks to create your perfect home cleaning routine. Always be guest ready and have less stress with your home cleaning starting today!


Do you have a home cleaning routine based on scheduling daily/weekly/seasonal/yearly jobs? I’d love to hear how it works for you, so please leave a comment below…


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2 Responses to Your ultimate home cleaning routine

  1. Kristine Brooks Oct 23, 2015 at 2:25 pm #

    How great this infographic is! So detailed and well organized. I hope you won’t mind if I print it and hang it our kitchen wall at work. We are a cleaning company that highly appreciate new ideas and tips! Thank you again for sharing it!
    Kind regards,

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