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Do you know how far you’ve come?

Its all very well and good getting busy and becoming more organised, but if you don’t stop every once in a while to actually see how far you’ve come, then you may be doing yourself a dis-service.

The consequences of not tracking your progress could be that you simply get a little demotivated and stop for a while, worse still you stop for good, or you may even suffer from burn out as you can’t see that you have tried to do too much too quickly – and who wants any of those?

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Can You Be TOO Organised?!

The quest for the perfectly organised home and life can take over everything – leaving you with more TO DO and less time than ever if you’re not careful.

This is NOT the goal!

Hopefully when reading this site you’ll see that I advocate getting as organised as YOU need to – everyones goals are different, but keeping track of those goals can help you to not become too overwhelmed – and simply improve your existing life.
Organising needs to be at the right level for you.

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When is a Holiday NOT a Holiday? …

if your holiday feels more like an extra relaxing extension of your current day to day life, CONGRATULATIONS! You have organised your life so that its balanced, rewarding and keeps you motivated.

If not, why not really look at your goals and priorities a little closer, and make it a goal to achieve the life that you have always wanted EVERY DAY!

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