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Taking stock - looking back and seeing how far you've come



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Simplify your life


I wanted to share a fantastic infographic that I was sent the other day, and it’s all about how to simplify your life – the perfect theme for this blog! I talk a lot on this site about simplifying life and how many benefits it has when you do. You are less stressed, more productive, […]

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messy and organised

Can I get my messy house organised, and still be messy?

Surprisingly for some, messy houses can be organised, just like minimal houses can be disorganised. Organisation is more about the functionality of the house rather than the aesthetics. It ensures that everyone knows whats happening, where they should be and where everything is in the house. You may well prefer to have a messier house […]

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Comparing with others

Is it just me?

Are you paranoid that your home is worse than anyone else? Do you ask yourself why it seems that yours is the only home that nothing has a place, or if it does have one, noone puts it there? Are you afraid to have guests over for fear of what they think? You’re not alone

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how far have you come - progress tracking for organising

Do you know how far you’ve come?

Its all very well and good getting busy and becoming more organised, but if you don’t stop every once in a while to actually see how far you’ve come, then you may be doing yourself a dis-service. The consequences of not tracking your progress could be that you simply get a little demotivated and stop […]

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Can you be TOO organised?

Can You Be TOO Organised?!

The quest for the perfectly organised home and life can take over everything – leaving you with more TO DO and less time than ever if you’re not careful. This is NOT the goal! Hopefully when reading this site you’ll see that I advocate getting as organised as YOU need to – everyones goals are […]

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