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Why you should always have 2 email accounts

Why you should always have 2 email accounts

I always say that, for my diary, having just one that has everything about my life in it (both work and leisure) really helps prevent double booking and enables you to streamline things – and although this is pretty much the same for email, there is one major exception to the rule in this instance […]

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How to remember passwords - a really easy way to never forget a password again  - life hack

How to remember passwords the easy way

This post is all about how to remember passwords once and for all – it’s a little trick that my husband taught me a few years ago and it really does make life so much easier! Passwords are things that we should always have different for every different login, but keeping track of each one […]

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386. cable organising made easy

Cable organising made easy

I absolutely love it when I find items that make my life easier, and am always trying out new things as a result. When these things truly work, and make a real difference to my life or home in some way, then I am really excited to share them with you! This time it’s the […]

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