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decluttering tips and advice for your home


Here you will find loads of advice and inspiration to help you eliminate the clutter from your home (and life!) once and for all. Take a look at everything below, and I hope it helps x

( Want extra help? – don’t forget to sign up to the totally free Clutter Blitz 30 day challenge, or take a look at the Clutter:Sorted! eBook )


declutter and make your space work for you

Make your space work for you – declutter!

Is your home too small? Do you constantly despair at the amount of stuff you have? Is it bursting out of every cupboard you have? You’re not alone. Homes can very easily feel too small – leaving owners assuming that the answer is to move to a larger home – one that will fit everything […]

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What is clutter? Messy Bedroom Picture

What is clutter?

Clutter – we all talk about it, our cluttered lives, homes and diaries – but what exactly IS clutter? I went to the dictionary definition first – and a quick google search later came back with this:-

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Is clutter an issue for you?

Is clutter an issue for you?

You may not think that the clutter you have in your home is that bad, that its not affecting you at all, that you are quite happy really, but how true is that? Is it affecting how you live, and your stress levels in any way? Clutter gets into your head. FACT.

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5 reasons that you need to let go of the guilt you feel when you declutter

Decluttering guilt – 5 reasons to let it go!

William Morris famously said “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” but how many of us actually adhere to this, very sensible rule? Not many! We all have items in our house that we feel we should / we need / we ought to […]

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a guide to decluttering your house for selling

A Guide to Decluttering to Sell Your Home

If you are looking to put your home on the market in the near future, or if yours has been on the market with no bites as yet, you’ll be wanting to get the maximum sale price in the quickest time for it – to make it an easy transition to your new home – […]

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What is your clutter costing you? Do you realise that your things cost you, not just financially - find out more here

What is your “stuff” costing you?

We are living in an age where we own loads of “stuff”. We all seem to have all the gadgets to make life easier, and along with these comes DVDs, CDs, Games, Clothes and loads of other things to clutter up our homes and our lives. Items are becoming more and more in

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23 things to get rid of today - decluttering ideas for your home

23 things to declutter today!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a quick and easy way of making a difference to your life and home TODAY? Organising can be a lengthy process – well – once started you should really be doing it for the rest of your life to make it easy – so having a few small areas […]

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