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Get your energy sorted and live a more balanced life

Sorting Out Your “Energy”! (SMILE 5 of 5)

We all find it hard sometimes to get motivated and feel great every day. But its a vital thing if you are to live your life to the fullest, and having enough energy is key to getting there! In this, the last of my Balanced Life Series of posts – we will look at ideas […]

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get your leisure time sorted for a more balanced life

Getting Your “Leisure” Sorted! (SMILE 4 of 5)

Living in todays fast paced world, where you are meant to be striving for success in relationships, family life, home life, career etc… its very easy to forget yourself in the equation. Thats whay I feel that its important to have a section in my S.M.I.L.E acronym that serves to embody everything that helps you […]

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you get what you focus on - setting priorities

You Get What You Focus On…

I don’t know whether you’ve experienced this phenomenon first hand, but the more people I speak to the more I believe its true! People thinking of having a baby suddenly seem to see baby related stuff everywhere Opportunities coming to people thinking of changing their job or career path Even just thinking about someone seems […]

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get your income sorted

Getting Your “Income” Sorted! (S.M.I.L.E 3 of 5)

This is the third post in my Creating a Balance Life series – and focuses on Income – Money – anything financial really. In the quest for a balanced life there is one thing that is the foundation that helps us to live. Its one of the basic necessities, but also one that can provide […]

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how to get your social life sorted

Getting your Social life sorted! (S.M.I.L.E 1 of 5)

What does your Social Life consist of? – Part of living a balanced life is gaining a network around you of family, friends, colleagues, neighbours, etc… – your role in the world is not one, but many – think about it:- e.g. Are you a mother, wife, partner, daughter, granddaughter, sister, auntie, neice, cousin, friend, […]

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SMART goal setting

Are you being S.M.A.R.T about your goals?

It is almost impossible to put a timeframe on getting organised as a goal itself, and yet so many people have that exact wording as one of their new years resolutions – isn’t it amazing however that this seems to still be there for the next year and the next. The reason?

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Are your priorities in line with your goals

Are Your priorities moving you towards your goals?

Todays world is going so fast it’s difficult to take time out to pin down exactly where you want to be heading in life. And even if you do know what your goals are, how can you be sure that you’ll end up where you want to be? Getting to grips with your priorities is […]

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15 time wasters to delete from your life - which are you guilty of?

15 Time wasters to delete from your life

Everyday we spend hours trying to complete tasks, and the majority of us could use an extra hour in the day – so how can we make that hour appear? Its all about being clever with your time and maximising what you have. Here are 15 time wasters that we can all delete to easily […]

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How to create some ME TIME - something we are all lacking!

How To Create Some “ME time” ….

Want to get off the treadmill of never ending TO DO’s? Always needing to look at the clock and your diary to ensure nothing is missed? Do you feel that you are never quite getting on track, and not good enough?

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How to live a balanced life - post by

How to live a balanced life …

I was only young when I came up within this acronym, but it has stayed with me every day since. Weird how some things just follow you through your life, no matter what other things change. I was (still am) always thinking about things, how to be happier, how to get where I wanted to […]

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