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Should you create a “maybe” pile when decluttering your home?

I was recently asked on my Facebook page a great question by a reader – and that was whether a maybe pile was OK to have when decluttering your home.
When I wrote the post about how to declutter your home, and gave you the free category printables so that it made sorting your stuff that bit easier, you may have noticed that there was no category for “maybe”, “undecided” or “miscellaneous”.
That was for a good reason.

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Don’t share – Split up!

When it comes to household chores, we all have our own way of ensuring they get done:- Dividing tasks equally between the adults in the house / Giving children age-specific jobs / Doing everything yourself / Doing what you can on a day to day basis – everyone mucking in / Getting someone in to do certain tasks (cleaning, ironing etc…)
And all these ways can work well, and can help to keep your home running smoothly – as long as you remember one key rule…

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My favourite products for getting organised

I often write posts about getting my own home organised – and as a result use products that I truly think help and make all the difference. These are the products that I use frequently, or have used in the past and love. Because of this, some people started to ask me to put it all together somewhere so that its easy to find (and more organised of course!) as and when you are looking to get a space organised.

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Wheres the pain?

You can live with systems that aren’t working because you are used to them and have often found workarounds that will suffice. You may barely even realise that theres an issue anymore – so deeply ingrained is your way of doing things.

The problem is that some things that could be done more easily and with less pain to you are never dealt with head on – because its a perceived waste of time to sort it out.

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The importance of having (and sticking to) a list

I was at the gym the other week, as usual, and while I was putting everything into a locker, the last thing I always do is grab a routine list from my bag. I have several different routines that focus on different things, and I try and change them around frequently so I don’t get used to them and they make me work as hard as I can. However, on this particular day, I had forgotten to re-pack my lists after taking them out over the previous weekend to make changes etc….

I have several different routines that focus on different things, and I try and change them around frequently so I don’t get used to them and they make me work as hard as I can.

However, on this particular day, I had forgotten to re-pack my lists after taking them out over the previous weekend to make changes etc….

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** READER QUESTION ** Help, theres so much to do…

Thanks so much for getting in touch, its good to hear from you , and I’m so sorry that you are feeling this way about your home.
I think it may be a mix of a couple of reasons – overwhelm and procrastination.
When your home feels out of control its really hard to decide where to start first, so you end up moving around the house thinking about what has to be done and getting stressed and depressed very quickly.
I have been there (and still get there from time to time – there are always times when t

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Are you shaving your Yak, or just getting distracted?

Have you ever heard of the phrase “shaving your yak”?

I know I hadn’t until a few years back, when I was introduced to the concept via Seth Godins blog post on the subject when at work.

It has stayed with me all this time, as its such a funny phrase, but because of this it is memorable – and can really help in the quest to getting and staying organised as it applies to staying focussed on the task at hand – which is especially critical when getting organised.

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** READER QUESTION ** How should I take control of my time?

Of all the questions I get asked, this one is one of those that crop up again and again – and thats a time and task management conundrum.

Whats the best approach to tackle things I have to and want to do? Should it be one at a time through to completion, or a little of everything, say one hour for each at a time? I do too much for others which takes up lots of time, and hobbies I want to spend more time doing – nothing has

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Can I get my messy house organised, and still be messy?

Surprisingly for some, messy houses can be organised, just like minimal houses can be disorganised.

Organisation is more about the functionality of the house rather than the aesthetics.

It ensures that everyone knows whats happening, where they should be and where everything is in the house.

You may well prefer to have a messier house – and this doesn’t necessarily need to change.

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Where do I put stuff while I’m organising?!

I often get asked about where things need to go while you are organising, as it can be so easy to get overwhelmed when you start to sort out a space in your home. You have to remember one main point:- “Things have to get worse before they can get better”. So many people start to get organised, create a mess, see that mess and believe that they are making matters worse rather than better, and stop. That just leaves you disheartened and depressed. So whats the answer?

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How can I keep motivated?

Motivation works in different ways for different people

Some people are motivated enough just by starting something, to want to see it to its conclusion.

Some people get a renewed energy when they start to see the results of their organising. When an area is really organised they get great satisfaction out of it and want to continue.

And for some people it takes a lot more to keep them on track.

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What one thing will make the most difference to being organised?

I’m afraid to say that there is not one single answer for this, as everyone and every home is so different.

It would be fantastic if I could wave a magic wand and have a tried and tested recipe for organising homes that worked on every single one in the same way – a blueprint – but that just won’t cut it.

We all have such different lives (work, family, social, hobbies etc….) and as such we need different things to run in different ways.

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How post it notes can help to keep you organised

This sort of visual reminder really works for some people, as it makes each task very prominent, and often they will be small tasks that can be done in a few minutes – and what a lovely feeling to be able to take the post it note down after doing the job.

Its the next step to crossing something off your TO DO list (or highlighting!)

I do like this idea, but to some it could feel very like you are being picked on by your other half.

You also may find it difficult to switch off as there would be post its everywhere – and how do you explain to friends when they pop by what they are all doing everywhere!

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Sort those niggles now!

You may or may not be aware of them, but there are niggles all around you as you go about your daily routine.

Even the most organised of us have a few lurking there.

So – what are they?

Well, a niggle is anything about a system or routine in your life that makes it take longer or makes you expend more energy doing it than is absolutely necessary.

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How to create a 5 year plan

Do you have a 5 year plan? Are you where you wanted to be now from 5 years ago? Do you even know where you wanted to be 5 years ago? Most people will answer no to these questions, as most of us get bogged down with the day to day routine of life, and the bigger things just get tackled as and when they come up.

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What is an organised home?

Have you ever asked this question, or do you just get stuck in and start decluttering?

So many of us strive for and organised home – but it occurs to me that we don’t really have a definition for what constitutes the perfect organised home.

What do you think? Is it a minimal home with little clutter, is it one where everything is always under control, or does it mean something different for you?

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My Top 10 Inspiring Quotes

If you are still struggling for a little inspiration on your path to organising, look no further – I have collected together my favourite 10 inspiring sayings (all collected within my pinterest account if you fancy taking a look), and have listed them all below for you to gain some inspiration of your own.

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