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** GIVEAWAY ** Busy B Goodies!

This months competition is for a set of fantastic organising products from Busy B.
They are a fantastic brand with loads of great ideas for organising everywhere in your home – I particularly like their labels and lists which is why I was so happy to receive a few goodies through the post last month – ready to give to you if you are lucky enough to enter and win!

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Where can I get hands-on help? – Introducing apdo-uk

Because of this blog, I often get asked about where you can go to get help with any organising problems you have in your home or life, as sometimes it can be too overwhelming to start by yourself.
Where to start, what to do, how to do it so it stays organised etc…. are all questions that can paralyze us into inactivity if we’re not careful, and more often than not, having someone else to help can make all the difference – but did you even know that there were people out there who can help in this way?

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** GIVEAWAY ** More Organising Goodies!

I gave away some KTWO products a few months ago, and they were so popular I’m back with another selection for you!
This month it’s the turn of all things food related – and I’ve picked a great selection of 4 products for you to win.
The 4 products are – Kitchen Garden Notes, Cooks Shopping notes, Take Away Menu Organiser, and a Recipe File:-

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Introducing the new eBay “Collections”

I have used eBay for many years now, both for selling and buying various items for myself and my house – and as such was really excited to be asked by them to try out a brand new feature they were launching before it hit the site.
This feature is something that I really feel will help people to get the most out of the site, by giving you a much more personalised experience, and one that can help create a more organised way of shopping and searching for things (which obviously appealed for me for this blog and my readers!).

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** GIVEAWAY ** Organising Goodies!

I am a sucker for trying new organising products, and have long been a fan of the KTWO product ranges that I am sure you will have seen in shops and online before.

So, this month, I have raided my stock cupboard and have a set of 4 great organising products from KTWO to giveaway.

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My favourite products for getting organised

I often write posts about getting my own home organised – and as a result use products that I truly think help and make all the difference. These are the products that I use frequently, or have used in the past and love. Because of this, some people started to ask me to put it all together somewhere so that its easy to find (and more organised of course!) as and when you are looking to get a space organised.

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** GIVEAWAY ** Filofax Flex Notes

The start of the new year is always a good time to reflect and work out where you are going, what your goals are – and generally get life sorted!.

As such, I have a fantastic giveaway for you from me this month – and thats a set of 2 gorgeous Filofax Flex Planner/Notepad Books:- The Filofax Flex A5 Cover – Slate and the Filofax Flex Slim Cover – Slate

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Top 10 tips for taking beautiful photos this Christmas

One thing I want to learn about next year (a new years resolution really) is to get my photos more organised, and to actually take more – time goes by so quickly and if you blink you can miss it too easily. I love my tradition of creating a photo book of the past year (which I try and get done over the Christmas holidays), but all too often I find that I haven’t got a great shot of an event, or I have missed a few people out who I would want in the book as well. Frustrating!
….and so my challenge begins!

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A cure for knickers on the radiator!

I don’t know about you – but drying washing is a real bug bear of mine – or at least it used to be.

Its not really an issue in the spring and summer when you can (fingers crossed) hang it all outside and by the end of the day bring it all in, dry and with a lot less of a need to iron.


But the autumn and winter are a different matter.

All too easily you can end up with either a hefty electic bill for having your tumble dryer on constantly – or you end up with the somewhat dodgy interior design scheme I like to call “knickers on the radiator” – you get the idea!

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Getting Organized Magazine Autumn Edition has arrived!

Its that time again – I am so excited when I see that the latest edition of “Get Organized Magazine” has arrived in my inbox!

Its always full of great ideas and articles, and is fantastic to keep on top of the latest goings on in the world of organising.

And this edition hasn’t disappointed – it also got me thinking – so I wanted to share a few of the highlights with you to give you something to think about too.

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** GIVEAWAY ** Are you ready for Christmas?

Sorry! I had to mention it though, as its getting to that time where you need to start to plan a little, and get ahead of the game.

You’ll feel better for it!

Well – I have a copy of the lovely Seasonal Planner from KTWO products – bought by me to give away to one lucky winner this month.

It is a binder that has all you could possibly need for organising Christmas this year – including:-

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** GIVEAWAY ** Do you love baking?

I am in love with baking.

Its the one part of cooking that feels like a true treat for me, and I find it both a relaxing time for me and a great way to spend quality time with my daughter.

Baking seems to be everywhere at the moment as well, which is great news for me when it comes to finding something to watch on the TV – think “The Great British Bake Off” for which I am SO glad the new series has started! so I thought it was a great time to do a fun giveaway for my lovely readers.

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Get Organized Magazine Summer Edition

I don’t know about you, but one thing that I find lacking on the magazine shelves in this country are magazines related to organising.

We have cooking, home interiors, gossip in abundance, but homemaking and creating a more organised home and life is missing.

It was one of the reasons I started this blog to be honest. I couldn’t find much out there so wanted to start something myself.

I have however, found a magazine after a LOT of searching, and thesummer edition is available to download right now.

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Pilot Frixion – A review of the erasable pen!

How many times have you wanted to delete something you’e written down – but can’t because its in pen rather than pencil?

I would offer a guess at LOADS! – As thats exactly where I was at…. until now!

I am a traditional girl at heart, and love love LOVE my pen and paper way of staying organised (diary, TO DO list, Home file etc…)

However – there is one major problem and thats when it comes to making mistakes or having to change things.

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Why I love my Filofax – a review

I don’t think if you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time you will be shocked to hear the title of this post!

I really am a little in love with my Filofax, and with most stationary if I am being honest (its a hobby of mine to find the best there is out there for different jobs!) – and it seems that this is something that a lot of us have in common.

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Top 8 Presents to Get More Organised in 2013!

At the top of a lot of peoples resolutions for the new year will be to get more out of their lives – whether this be to start a new job, start a family, move house, spend more time with family, or something else.

Even if the main aim isn’t to get organised, getting organised in itself will help with all your resolutions.

You will gain more time, be less stressed, and simply be able to enjoy life more if you get yourself more organised.

So, with that in mind, I have picked out my favourite 10 organising products that may just be the perfect gift for someone you know – or maybe even a treat for yourself.

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Its Only 100 Days To Christmas – Yes REALLY!

Christmas – for most people its the biggest event of the year, and along with the festivities/traditions and magic that the holidays bring, it can also make you feel overwhelmed, in need of a break, and so busy you just want it to end.

Well, no more!

Jennifer Tankersley from has come up trumps again this year with her annual 100 days to Christmas ebook – written and updated specifically for 2012 – and I was lucky enough to get a copy and see what it was all about.

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Top 10 Hidden Storage Ideas

Ever notice how you look at a room in a magazine or a showhome and want to recreate it – but no matter how hard you try it never quite looks the same? Thats because those pictures are done for the camera to accentuate space – and are not how we all live.

They don’t have any real life “stuff” lying about, which can be thought of as visual clutter and is in every home in the country I’m sure!

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