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Are you constantly trying to get your home to look “right” with no success? Have you decluttered and now want to make everything look amazing but don’t know where to start?.

Making your home look amazing, so that it reflects your style and tastes, is a skill – so I wanted to share my top 30 interior design tips right here so that you can get it right every time, and love the home you live in.


Interior design tips for every home - style tips and tricks for your home

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Redecorating any room in the house can be stressful, time consuming and costly – so we want to be able to get it right first time wherever possible.

There are so many decisions to be made that it’s easy to be paralysed into indecision for weeks or even months at a time.

These tips will help you to get started, know the things you need to concentrate on and think about, and give you some ideas to make your rooms really say something about you and your style.

So – lets get going and get that project started today!

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Interior Design Tips

  • #1 – Planning is vital if you are to spend your money wisely and not make costly mistakes – Think about the overall look, style and feel that you are going for. Why not look through magazines or Pinterest for inspiration.
  • #2 – If you are stuck for inspiration for a scheme, take a look at artwork/a fabric/an accessory you like, and base your colours around this. It is much easier to match a paint colour to artwork, than the other way around!
  • #4 – Just as interior designers do, try and get samples of all the ideas you have for a room, and create your own mood board. This is just a fancy way of saying gather it all together you that you can see at a glance whether things work or not in the scheme before you buy – you can also estimate the price and budget accordingly.
  • #5 – Ask advice – don’t be afraid to use in house interior designers in shops as they can give you some great ideas. If your budget allows you could ask an interior designer to visit your home – a lot of designers offer a consultation only package where you can get on the spot ideas for minimum cost (some will also be able to source items for you for less so they can be money well spent!). You will also no doubt be shown ideas that maybe you haven’t thought of before that will make all the difference to your space.
  • #6 – Think about how many people live in your home, and if you often have guests, think of them too – have enough seating at the dining table and in the living areas for them.
  • #7 – Think about scale – if you have a large room, then go for larger patterns as they will feel more to scale in the space – smaller patterns can work well as accents but not on main walls as they will feel too busy etc….
  • #8 – Make the most of every room in your housethink about how you can utilise rooms, and don’t necessarily go with standard uses – many more people nowadays are creating a family room/playroom instead of a dining room, or a home office instead of a spare bedroom. Changing your scheme to fit your needs will maximise your homes potential.
  • #9 – Don’t be afraid to think outside the box – this is your home, so make it unique to you.
  • #10 – Know your budget and allocate money to specific parts of the design so you are less likely to overspend. You can still make massive changes with a few pounds.
  • #11 – To ensure you feel happy in your home, most homes work best when there is a good flow from room to room. If you like to have different colour schemes in all rooms, try at least to have a more neutral hallway, so that you aren’t bombarded!
  • #12 – If you are scared or simply don’t like that much colour in your home, try and play with different textures and fabrics instead – as this will create just as much interest – neutrals don’t have to be boring (they are my favourite!).
  • #13 – When deciding on a colour scheme, paint a large (1m square ideally) sample on your wall (or paint a large sheet of paper and move around the room) – this will show you what that colour will look like in your room, as every room has different colour and light which will make colours appear different from space to space (have you ever painted every room the same colour, only to find it looks darker, lighter, more yellowy etc…. in the different rooms?).
  • #14 – When decorating, try and use about 70% of a main colour, 20% of a secondary colour, and 10% as an accent colour, and this will create a great scheme for you (don’t forget as well that flooring and furniture has colour too!). For instance, use a cream on your walls as the main colour (maybe a cream cushion or two as well!), dark brown sofas for the secondary colour, and green plants/cushions and accessories as your accent colour.
  • #15 – If you like to change your scheme as you get bored after a couple of years, invest in neutral larger products (sofa, curtains etc..) as these cost more to replace, and add in the colour with cushions, rugs, throws, accessories and artwork – that way you won’t spend a fortune on updates.

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30 fantastic interior design tips to make your home look amazing every time. Tricks of the trade!

Phew! – lots of things to consider – how many of these are you already doing in your home?

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