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100 fail safe tips to sort your clothes out once and for all!

I get asked a lot about clothes, and how to sort your clothes out so that they are organised and you can make the most of what you’ve got – so I thought I’d collect together all the tips I know about clothes storage/decluttering and organising – and put them all into one post for you – enjoy!

100 fail safe tips to sort your clothes out - everything you need to know to get your clothes organised

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Nowadays we all have so many clothes, and storage can become a real issue. We have limited space to make everything work for us, and as such tend to forget what we have.

Well – no need to struggle any longer, as I have written out in this post my 100 best tips to help you get sorted. To make things easy for you, I’ve split it all up into 5 sections-

  • 20 tips to declutter clothes

  • 20 tips to organise wardrobe clothes

  • 20 tips to organise clothes in drawers

  • 20 general clothing storage tips

  • 20 tips for making the most of your clothes

100 fail safe tips to sort your clothes out - everything you need to know to get your clothes organisedI can’t wait to get started, so, without further ado – lets get on with it!…

To start with, we will look at decluttering – because this is always the first step to take – you can then work out what you actually need before you start to get it more organised. To go to the 20 top tips for decluttering your clothes, just click on the button below: –

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  • Dan

    Love it – some real gems of advice in here…

  • Polly

    Good tips! Expect organize is spelled wrong…even the website name.

    • Hi Polly – Thanks for your comment – glad you like the tips. I think you must be from the US – as organise is spelt with an S over in the UK where I am based, its only spelt with a z in the US and Canada – very frustrating for me as well!

    • Callum

      Do you really think they would misspell the website name? also, you put “Expect” when you clearly meant to put “except”, don’t correct someone’s spelling when you can’t even get it right yourself.

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