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10 top tips used by organised people

Tip #6 – Make time for things that matter most

Having all your tasks on a TO DO list is great, but it won’t actually get them done any quicker.

To get things done, you need to allocate time to doing them – it sounds easy, but this step is the most commonly missed when trying to get more organised.

People assume that once they have made a nice TO DO list, then things will just happen.


You have to work with both your TO DO list and your diary together to get things done.

You will have written appointments in your diary, and allocated time for prep and travel also (so that what you have left is a more realistic estimate of your spare time).

Then, with the spare time you have, you can add in any tasks from your TO DO list that fit the time available, that are top priority, and that will take you towards your goals.

You will find that you will get things done much more quickly, and not feel so overwhelmed.

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Tip #7 – Don’t get sidetracked

When doing a task, don’t answer the phone or deal with any other distractions if you can.

People will leave a message if its important, and you can get back to them (if necessary, change your voice mail to say that you are busy at the moment but will get back to them asap)

When you stop a task it takes a LONG time to get back into it properly, and productive people know this so they limit these interruptions wherever possible.

For larger tasks that require a lot of thought, consider moving to a quiet room and asking a colleague or family members to not disturb you for a while – you will then get things done a lot more quickly and can have much more quality time with those people after its done – so everyone wins!

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Tip #8 – Delegate

If you aren’t good at a specific task, why waste more time and effort trying to do it if you can get someone in to do it?

If you can master the art of delegating, this can be a very powerful tool to get things done a lot more quickly and with less stress.

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Tip #9 – Don’t be proud

Linked to the last tip, if you can’t do something, don’t wast time trying to work out how to do it yourself – ask for help instead.

This way you can learn for next time, and you still get it done faster than if you had struggled on alone.

If you can see something coming up that will need help, get the right person available at the right time.

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Tip #10 – Get the balance right

To be productive you need to balance work and play – if you aren’t happy with your life then you aren’t likely to be productive in it.

You have no reason to get things done quickly and efficiently if you haven’t got things that you want to do for fun.

Create a good work/life balance and you will find that you get the work side of your life finished more quickly naturally as you will want to spend more time on the “life”!

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10 tips used by organised people so that they make the most out of every day - which do you use?


To get more things done in life, you need to prioritise what you do each day, use your spare time wisely, delegate where necessary and don’t get sidetracked.

If you split everything up into manageable chunks you will get to the end point a lot faster and with a lot more ease, so get started today and see how much more you get done this week…

Which of these tips do you do already? Let me know by leaving a comment below – thanks in advance…

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  1. Chrissy @ Organise My House Mar 23, 2016 at 2:09 pm #

    Hi Sylvia – thanks for your comment, and I really hope that this blog helps you to get more organised. If you haven’t already then I would definitely sign up to my email newsletter as you will get all the posts I write directly into your inbox so you won’t miss a thing. Good luck x

  2. ecobox Nov 15, 2015 at 4:27 pm #

    I agree with you, prioritize things that is important and always be organize with your stuff.

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