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Life Hacks – How to remember passwords the easy way

This post is all about how to remember passwords once and for all – it’s a little trick that my husband taught me a few years ago and it really does make life so much easier!

Passwords are things that we should always have different for every different login, but keeping track of each one can be so difficult most of us end up sticking to one or two and using them in everything – which isn’t that safe should anyone get hold of it.

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How to fold a fitted sheet – the easy way!

I was recently asked by a reader how to fold a fitted sheet so that they stop looking so messed up when in the cupboard – and frankly, this is something that I have tried many methods before I came across the one that works best for me, so I thought a step by step guide was in order today, and I really hope this helps you too!

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23 fun kids activities to keep them occupied this summer

This post is one that I really hope helps all of you who are looking after younger kids this summer, with a variety of fun kids activities to keep them occupied.

After all, the summer holidays are just around the corner, and with them come a mass of free days waiting to be filled – so rather than hear the cry of “I’m bored” all the time, why not have a few of these up your sleeve instead!.

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