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Welcome to Organise My House! – I’m Chrissy and I write this blog all about ways to simplify your life and your home (find out more right HERE)  Why not grab a coffee (or tea!), find a comfy seat & have a look around – my latest posts are below….


101 items to get rid of right now

101 items to get rid of without regret

It’s sometimes really hard to get started on decluttering your home – and starting with some “quick wins” can really get you motivated to continue. Here is my list of 101 items to get rid of around your home, and in your life, today that I promise you won’t even miss, let alone regret!

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Get August organised - tips and tricks and a free printable

Get August more organised

There’s definitely something in the air in August – things seem easier when the weathers nice, and people are generally happier. This month is a great time for holidays, outings, relaxing, and generally getting some down time before its back to school/work in the autumn. Although we are in holiday mode, it’s also important to […]

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