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Printable TO DO list

I LOVE lists. Especially TO DO lists – it’s great when you start the day with a list of things to do and one by one they get ticked off, and I’ve written posts before on why having a TO DO list is so important. As such, I thought it was about time to share a printable TO DO list with you today, which I hope you find useful!

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Top 7 back to school items for your home

It’s nearly back to school time, and with that can come a lot of disorganisation as schedules change, children are bringing lots of things in and out of the house, and generally things are getting busier after the holidays.

As such I wanted to create a post today to go through a few items that I think will make back to school a lot easier when implemented in your home.

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5 Inspirational quotes for getting the most out of life

As you are probably more than aware by now, I am a bit of a quotes fanatic. As such, I wanted to share another selection with you today – inspirational quotes this time.
All these quotes would be fantastic to read when you are wanting some motivation, drive and momentum to get something done in your life.
So, why not get inspired today – hope you enjoy x

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Easy Loom Band Storage – for home and away!

If you have a child then you are likely to have been hit with the loom band craze that’s sweeping the country at the moment.
They are everywhere, and while they are fantastic at keeping kids entertained, they can be a real pain to store in a way that makes it easy for them to play with when they want to – finding what they need for specific patterns etc…..
This post aims to alleviate that pain a little – by showing you how I have solved the issue of storing loom bands, both for when at home, and also when out and about – hope it helps!

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Is the grass ever greener?

Do you ever feel like you are more stressed/disorganised/overloaded than ever, and start comparing your present life with your past, or with the lives of others, only to come out firmly at the bottom of the pile?
This can certainly hold very true for getting organised – you can feel like everyone else is doing better than you, and that you had so much less to organised in your past – but is that really the case?

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How to use the space under your stairs effectively

A reader asked me recently whether I had some ideas for how best to use the space under the stairs as they were struggling with the angled ceiling and wanted to make the most of it by using the space for a specific purpose if possible.
I love to help where I can! – so here are some great ideas for how to use the space under your stairs to its full advantage, a space that’s often forgotten and that just simply becomes a dumping ground.

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How to organise your wardrobe – Part 1

This is the first of a series of posts about how to get your wardrobe properly organised once and for all. After all, learning how to organise your wardrobe can save you so much time and energy on a day to day basis, and who wouldn’t want that!

We all have to get dressed every day, sometimes more than once for different activities – no wonder that without a system in place things can easily get messed up very quickly.

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Organise My House is on Pinterest!

Pinterest is the relatively new social media site that has really gained momentum over recent times – growing faster than any other site every month. I use it and love it myself, and I thought what better time to share it with you than the summer, when hopefully you will have a little more down time to browse through it – and that’s why I wanted to show you around it a little today!

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Academic Year Planner 2014/15 – Printable

I know I know – it’s the middle of the summer holidays and who really wants to be thinking about the next school year yet – or even acknowledging that it’s just around the corner?!

The fact is though – the start of school is only a few weeks away, and it never hurts to be prepared when it comes to getting organised, so to ease you into thinking about school again I have produced a one page printable academic year planner to get you started.

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